Specialist Telemarketing & Lead Generation for Public Sector Organisations

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Telemarketing and Lead Generation
for Public Sector Organisations

We support Public Sector Organisations across wide range of marketing initiatives

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“Our decision to partner with Beanstalk was based on their robust processes, a solid history of achievement and the professionalism of the team at every level of the organisation. Our meticulous selection process paid dividends, with great campaign performance”


“Beanstalk demonstrated from the outset that we mattered to them, and developed a clear and detailed plan of how they would help us meet our marketing objectives. Working with Beanstalk has led to a significant improvement in our business development activity”



“This was a sensitive project that required robust management to ensure standards compliance and data integrity. I congratulate Beanstalk on both counts. The project we commissioned was delivered on time and within budget which was an exceptional effort”


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“With over 200 leads generated, the contribution from the Beanstalk team was impressive across all the planned activities, and enabled us to place more than 100 apprentices”


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“The project management and attention to detail were exceptional. The Beanstalk team were an extension of our own in every sense and acted and responded impeccably”


Our Lead Generation Services combine Telemarketing,
Email Marketing, LinkedIn & Prospect Data

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15m Unique UK B2B Email Addresses

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