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Beanstalk has significant experience working with IT solutions, support and software businesses generating qualified leads, web demos and face to face appointments.

Our telemarketers are intelligent and articulate so are able to differentiate your solution from your competitors’ by discussing the business and user benefits, not simply the features. We know what it takes to build a qualified sales pipeline, how engage with C-Level contacts, how to nurture prospects and how to convert cold prospects into qualified leads.

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“It has been a pleasure to work with Beanstalk. They quickly understood our market, and got to the heart of what we wanted – to generate sales appointments. The advice and support from the team has been great, and the telemarketer – Ken – who works on our account is exceptional.”

Thinking Software

“Beanstalk are extremely professional and their sales message is well delivered. They did exactly as they promised to do, or even a little extra. If you’re looking for a professional, honest telemarketing company give them a try, and I think you’ll be pleased.”
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“Karen and Ben acted enthusiastically and professionally and communicated well with us. We are very happy with the effort and work done.”


“Within 6 months Beanstalk have generated a £multi-million pipeline with C-Level contacts with our target verticals. They demonstrated beyond question their ability to generate high quality sales leads.”
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Inmeres Web Solutions

“We have been delighted with the penetration Beanstalk made into the Insurance Sector for our proprietary technology, Insurengine. The leads and appointments they generate are well qualified and their communication is first class.”

Sky Blue

“Beanstalk have been excellent in generating leads across our product portfolio of Hosted, PABX, calls, lines and data. Crisp reporting, good campaign management, great results.”

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