Beanstalk Helped Essex County Council Achieve a 40% Increase in Sign-Ups

Through a focused telemarketing campaign, Beanstalk generated 200 leads which resulted in apprenticeship placements at over 70 businesses.

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Essex County Council (ECC) provide several services which aim to support businesses in Essex – including the Essex Apprenticeship Scheme. Since 2015, all young people are required to participate in education and training to the age of 18. The only genuine room for real growth in provision, given Government funding, is through increased numbers of Apprenticeships, and that’s precisely what ECC were looking to achieve, which is why they asked Beanstalk to help!

With over 200 leads generated, the contribution from Beanstalk was impressive across all the planned activities.

Learning and Development Director, Essex County Council

The Goal

  • Generate 200 enquiries to the Employability and Skills Unit on the Essex Apprentice Scheme
  • Recruit 70 businesses in Essex to the Essex Apprentice Scheme
  • Raise Awareness of the ECC Apprenticeship Scheme in the local business community

The Strategy

In the past, Essex County Council has undertaken radio advertising, local press advertising, direct mail, and social media in a bid to recruit businesses to sign-up to the Essex Apprenticeships Scheme. Unfortunately, this strategy only achieved mixed success as it relied on inbound response after the promotional push.

Following a review of the current campaign and its performance data, Beanstalk recommended that the campaign was adapted to include Telemarketing as an effective way of driving apprenticeship placements. The integration of telemarketing added a human engagement to the campaign which, in addition to supporting the campaign objectives, would also provide a stream of direct feedback to the various stakeholders.

Beanstalk crafted an outbound calling and email campaign, which focused on recruiting 70 businesses to the scheme. In addition, we worked closely with ECC’s project and advertising team to ensure all communications were co-ordinated.

Achieved success using:

The Results

  • 200Leads
  • 100+Apprentices Placed

The campaign achieved its challenging targets and overall, provided more than a 40% improvement across all marketing measures in previous years.

Of the businesses that signed-up to apprenticeship training as a result of ECC’s overall apprenticeship marketing campaign, 80% came directly from the telemarketing and email components undertaken by Beanstalk.


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