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Our expertise and integrated, multi-channel approach increases ROI and is proven to deliver high quality leads

We Fill Your Sales Pipeline with High Quality Leads

Beanstalk are experts in generating qualified B2B Sales Leads, Web Demos and Face-to-Face Sales Appointments

Fuelling your sales pipeline. Our intelligent B2B telemarketing campaigns generate high quality leads and web demos.
Generating qualified, face-to-face appointments with key decision makers at your companies you want to win business from.
Building comprehensive data of key decision makers, their email addresses, and account profiling at your prospect accounts.
Achieve 54% greater lead generation ROI through multi-channel marketing across content marketing, digital, email marketing and professional telemarketing.

About Beanstalk

Beanstalk is a specialist B2B marketing and lead generation business. Investor in People accredited, we’ve been helping our customers grow since 2009. Our in-house team of 35+ marketing professionals have skills across telemarketing, content writing, digital, email, strategy and planning.

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Delivering 10,000% ROI for SCL Group


Integrated Lead Generation for Cashman Interiors

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