Why you shouldn’t miss our B2B Marketing Seminar on 1st March 2016

Research by Adobe suggests that Marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 50! The recently published research report from Adobe highlighted that marketers doubt their own skills, effectiveness and ability to measure the impact of their campaigns.

The main reason for the lack of confidence in the profession is down to the rapid advancements in digital technology, leaving 52% of marketing professionals feeling inadequate in the area of digital marketing.

An extremely sad and worrying statistic from the Adobe report is that only 9% of marketing professionals can confidently say that their digital marketing activity is working!

The truth of the matter is that traditional routes to market are proving less effective than in years gone by. Businesses that want to achieve business growth are finding it harder than ever before to navigate the complex world of B2B.

Marketing experts from Beanstalk Marketing and Act-On software are running a marketing seminar at Anglia Ruskin University on the 1st March. The seminar will help business owners and marketing professionals increase their knowledge of B2B buyers and how to engage with them through multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The seminar will focus on 3 key outcomes for B2B businesses:

  1. How to ATTRACT new sales leads
  2. How to ENGAGE and NURTURE prospects
  3. How to WIN new business