The Power of Telemarketing in the Digital Age

Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing have been joined by an ever-growing number of alternate channels such as content marketing, social media and marketing automation.

Despite the increase in marketing channels, many of the traditional marketing and lead generation channels have remained effective. What has changed though, are the ways in which to maximise the value from traditional channels and in particular, how integrating a range of different marketing activities increases all-round effectiveness.


Telemarketing has a number of uses; as well as generating sales leads it can also be used to build high-quality prospect data

A prospect database is to a business like fuel is for a car – it’s vital to move forward!

The power of having a two-way conversation with prospects through telemarketing should not be underestimated. The level of insight and information that can be gained through a two-way conversation is so much greater than through any other channel.

Capturing information gained during telemarketing and using it to build a high-quality database on your prospects is a great starting point for any marketing activity. This additional value – over and above lead generation – should not be overlooked.

Yes, you can use data capture forms on your website to build profile information. There will however always be a trade-off between asking the questions that you want the answers from without putting people off submitting the form.


Prospects that have a requirement for your solution, but not right now, should be nurtured with high-quality content throughout the entire buying cycle.

With modern Buyers wanting to engage with sales at a later stage (and often once they have partially validated the potential supplier), lead nurturing can be implemented to support lead generation activity.

Good telemarketers are able to glean information from potential customers about their existing solution, when they might be looking to change, what they are finding challenging and how and when they might like to be contacted in the future.


Telemarketing can support inbound lead generation

The insight and account profiling information gained through telemarketing can help lead nurturing and marketing campaigns to be more effective, through greater personalisation of messages, which reflect the situation of each Buyer or their business.

Although lead nurturing campaigns often won’t deliver instant results, over time, inbound leads and enquiries will start to happen. And the better the quality of your prospect data, the more effective your marketing and lead nurturing activity will be. This is an example of where telemarketing can be used to drive the performance of other marketing channels – as well of course, as finding today’s sales-ready leads.

This includes the period that the prospect is not actively looking for an alternate supplier or solution. If you leave trying to market to and create awareness with your prospects until they are actively looking, it will probably be too late.


Marketing automation is an effective platform for lead nurturing

By using marketing automation technology you can deliver the right message at the right time, whilst also tracking behaviour to identify levels of engagement. Lead scoring can be used to identify when would be a good time to make contact with a prospect again.

Once a marketing automation programme starts to reach maturity and the prospect database is receiving good quality, personalised, relevant content, you will see an increase in inbound enquiries.

These enquiries will usually be of a high quality (much greater than other inbound leads) as they have already established the supplier’s credibility and bought into their messaging.
Clearly not every business will have a content marketing or marketing automation programme in place (although for most B2B businesses they should!). However, even businesses that use email marketing or direct mail will benefit from the enhanced prospect database that telemarketing will deliver.