Exceeding Q Learning’s Lead Generation Targets

Beanstalk produced 13 face-to-face appointments and 18 high quality telephone appointments with qualified decision makers

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Beanstalk produced 12 face-to-face appointments and 18 high quality telephone appointments with key decision makers. Through Beanstalk’s calling activity, we have gained 2 qualified sales leads per week, over a 15-week period, which has significantly exceeded the targets set for the campaign. In addition, we now have an up-to-date, clear and concise database to work from for our future marketing activities.

Director, Q Learning


Q Learning currently work with several leading names in the construction and engineering industries offering ‘soft skills’ training to ‘hard skills’ specialists such as engineers and construction managers. They offer both training courses for managers and tender/bid support in an industry increasingly focused on partnering, collaboration and engagement.

The Goal

  • The target prospects for this campaign were medium to large construction and engineering companies with a strong presence in the UK market.
  • Prospective clients were identified based on the size of the company, the sector they worked in, and how the individual companies handled both the training and the bid support areas of their business – was strategy decided centrally on a group level or in each sector of the business separately? The telemarketer would then establish whether the individual companies had training or bid support mechanisms already in place, or if they were currently not receiving any outside help.
  • Once this had been ascertained, the telemarketer would then contact and develop a relationship with the decision makers in each area. For training, this meant reaching out to; L&D Managers, training managers and HR managers. And for bid support, this meant reaching out to commercial directors, senior estimating managers and MDs. During this process Beanstalk established the exact requirements of the business for both bid support and L&D, and then booked face-to-face or telephone appointments for Q Learning’s sales team to offer a proposal.
  • Initially a data set based on these parameters was sourced, then the first stage was undertaken involving internet-based research to establish the relationships between the various companies and groups. Once the data set had been expanded to show that the initial message was delivered, the message was tailored to reflect both the position of the prospect company within the industry and, also the specific area of Q Learning’s services relevant to that contact.
  • At this point Beanstalk’s focus changed from information gathering to relationship building and prioritising data as patterns emerged. This process involved constant communication between Q Learning and Beanstalk developing data priorities, and the message and focus of the campaign as feedback dictated.
  • The same telemarketer worked on Q Learning’s campaign from the beginning, supported by in depth training from both Beanstalk and Q Learning, and a constant open feedback cycle to ensure the best results.

The Strategy

For this campaign, Beanstalk were asked to focus on one of Q Learning’s strongest vertical markets; medium to large companies operating in the construction and engineering sectors.

The campaign was designed to develop a big picture overview of the relationships between the large groups of companies that dominate the industry and ascertain how each company handles both bid support services and learning and development, whether it was on an overall group level or with each sector area of the companies.

Once this picture had been built, the campaign’s aim was to reach the relevant individuals within each company for both learning and development, and bid support, and develop a relationship with them to ascertain their individual requirements and then book an appointment for Q Learning’s sales team.

The Results

  • 12face-to-face appointments
  • 18telephone appointments

Beanstalk produced 12 face-to-face appointments and 18 high quality telephone appointments with key decision makers in what is a competitive market.

With calling activity of 3 days per week over an initial 15-week period, this equated to 2.06 qualified sales leads per week, significantly exceeding the targets set for the campaign.

For Q Learning customers, the average £10,000 – £25,000 annual spend for ongoing services and customers life-time exceeds 5 years.

Q Learning won several contracts from these leads, supporting large construction and engineering companies to bid for major capital or service programs.

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