Beanstalk cleanse Premier Print’s historic data and develop an integrated inbound and outbound lead generation solution

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Premier Print began life over 20 years ago and is now one of the top ten Print & Promotional Merchandise companies in the UK.

Beanstalk are extremely clever in their approach to lead generation. Their telemarketers are calling the most engaged prospects, and as a result, we are continually growing our customer base from their leads.

Managing Director, Premier Print & Promotions

Campaign Objectives

  • Generate leads where the prospect had an immediate requirement for print or promotional items
  • Cleanse Premier Print’s historical database of former customers, leads & quotes, and update who the relevant contacts are
  • Develop an inbound marketing process through lead nurturing

The Strategy

Premier Print had an established sales team, and as with many businesses, over the years they have built an extensive database of leads, quotes and former customers. As such, the size of this database was larger than Premier Print’s sales could effectively manage or stay in touch with.

Beanstalk developed an integrated marketing and lead generation campaign using Marketing Automation technology and professional telemarketing.

The Marketing Automation was used to share content across social media and email. Each interaction the prospect had with this content was tracked, which enabled trigger-based marketing campaigns to send further relevant information to each individual prospect, based upon their specific interests.

Telemarketers with previous experience working for Print and Marketing Services companies were assigned to work on the Premier Print campaign. Their calls were targeted at the warm prospects that had been tracked by the Marketing Automation technology.

The Results

  • 1 in 27Contacts converted to Face-to-Face Appointments
  • £450kQuotes within 4 months
  • 13New Customers won within 6 months

Beanstalk helped Premier Print’s Sales Reps get a foothold into their top target accounts, which enabled them to focus their time developing accounts of real value.

After an initial 4-month campaign targeting London, further campaigns were run for Premier Print’s branches across the UK for a further 13 months.

“Beanstalk helped produce good quality appointments for our sales team.

We expected results from our lapsed customers but were really pleased that they also opened doors with some big names that were targeted from scratch. The new business generated was fantastic and a massive help when growing our client base further.

Our experience with Beanstalk has more than paid for itself from new orders received from what we believe has been a very productive and rewarding campaign.

UK General Manager, Premier Print

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