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Beanstalk have been working with Premier Print & Promotions to deliver an integrated marketing communications campaign, using Marketing Automation and Telemarketing to generate high quality sales opportunities.

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The Challenge

Premier Print began life just over 20 years ago and is now one of the top ten businesses in their sector. The business has an established sales team, and as with many businesses, over the years they have built an extensive database. As such, the size of this database was larger than the internal sales team could manage on a daily basis. The challenge that the team were facing, was how they could utilise the database to generate new business opportunities.

This was when they saw an opportunity to engage with an outsourced marketing agency to help them to firstly cleanse and update data that was now out of date, and secondly to engage with prospects to generate sales opportunities.

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The Solution

Beanstalk Marketing developed an integrated direct marketing campaign using Marketing Automation technology in conjunction with Telemarketing activity.

The marketing activity carried out by Beanstalk includes Marketing Automation to nurture prospects with interesting content, as well as the sending of extremely timely pieces of content promoting specific products. The Marketing Automation is also being used to keep in regular contact with customers, build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

In conjunction with the email marketing activity, the telemarketing activity is building a high quality database, whilst also generating sales qualified leads.

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Lead Generation Campaign Results

After 3 months of the marketing activity being up and running, a total of 68 sales qualified leads have been generated

From these the sales team at Premier Print were able to achieve 116 sales orders!

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What the Premier Print Say About Beanstalk

We wanted to work with an agency on a long-term partnership arrangement. We could really see the benefits in integrating Marketing Automation technology which allows us to use behavioural-based scoring. Prospects are nurtured with high quality content over time and are then called by the Beanstalk Telemarketer at the right time. This means that the Telemarketers are calling the most engaged prospects and, as a result, we are continually growing our customer base. It just makes sense.

Beanstalk are extremely clever in the way they integrate the telemarketing activity with the Marketing Automation. It’s something I had not come across before, and although I was aware of Marketing Automation I didn’t really know where to start with implementing it. So Beanstalk took the challenge away from me, which is exactly what we were looking for in an agency.”

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