Technology Lead Generation & Building A Qualified Prospect Pool

Beanstalk ran a highly successful lead generation campaign that focused on 2 key sectors, enabling the telemarketer to deliver a compelling message that resonated with prospects

Thinking Software

Beanstalk did exactly what they promised to do. They generated the leads we had hoped for and a nice byproduct of the calls was that we added to our prospect pool of contacts that we could feed into our drip-marketing program.

Managing Director, Thinking Software

The Strategy

Thinking Software develop and supply software solutions to many different types of clients and pay special attention to the staff rotas and time and attendance requirements of the hospitality, security, entertainment, local authority, nursing home and care provision sectors.

To ensure Thinking Software’s industry experience stood out, a targeted campaign was run specifically at the security and care sectors. This enabled the telemarketer to demonstrate a strong understanding of the prospects business and highlight specifically where Thinking Software could add value.


Thinking Software is an innovative supplier of workforce management, and time and attendance solutions. Used by over 500,000 staff in hundreds of companies around the globe, Thinking Software helps its clients keep costs down, improve efficiency and provide greater insight into business performance.

The Goal

  • Run a telemarketing lead generation campaign targeted at 2 key sectors
  • Generate web demos with prospects who have a current requirement for Thinking Software’s time and attendance solution
  • Capture contact details for decision makers that were not sales-ready, enabling them to be included in Thinking Software’s lead nurturing programme

Achieved success using:

The Results

  • 23web demos
  • 154qualified prospects

By selecting a telemarketer with a strong background in lead generation for technology businesses, Beanstalk was able to hit the ground running.

Over a 4-month campaign, calling on 3 mornings each week, 23 web-demonstrations were scheduled, of which 21 successfully proceeded.

Additionally, email contact details were gained for 154 qualified prospects, who fitted Thinking Software’s account profiling criteria.


See the Beanstalk Team in Action


    Our Lead Generation Services Include

    Fuelling your sales pipeline. Our intelligent B2B telemarketing campaigns generate high quality leads and web demos.
    Generating qualified, face-to-face appointments with key decision makers at your companies you want to win business from.
    Building comprehensive data of key decision makers, their email addresses, and account profiling at your prospect accounts.
    Achieve 54% greater lead generation ROI through multi-channel marketing across content marketing, digital, email marketing and professional telemarketing.

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