Lead Generation for Nimble ELearning

Beanstalk produced £40k worth of pipeline value, and over 30 leads, for Nimble's LMS platform



Nimble eLearning are a Gloucestershire UK based company who have developed unique online tools that makes creating and tracking eLearning super-easy, approachable, and affordable.

We have found Beanstalk Marketing (particularly, Tamara and Tarek) to be very professional, organised and engaging and would confidently recommend them to others.

Campaign Background and Objectives

This campaign focused on reaching out to companies with a mind to introducing them to the platform, whilst selling in the ease of use and cost benefits of the solution.

Nimble initially provided us with data focusing on charity organisations who may not currently use eLearning, but who may have a requirement to do so. If they didn’t, or hadn’t historically, adopted this it was noted that there may be a level of educating the prospect involved.

The Strategy

  • Integrated telemarketing and email marketing
    • Email marketing used to drive inbound enquiries from prospects with an immediate requirement
    • Telemarketing prioritised on the internal HR/Learning market focusing on SMEs across all sectors with a minimum of 10 employees
  • Implement a SCOTSMAN model to capture qualification data, followed up by the product consultant at the demo stage to ensure focus remains on the key elements the prospect is interested in
  • Data supplied by the client in batches to ensure tight focus and control and to keep a clear eye on which sectors/areas were working better than others
  • Use well-known brands such as Aldi, M&S, SOHO Coffee, Legoland Windsor to add credibility to the pitch
  • Nimble trained Beanstalk fully on processes, tone of voice etc to ensure their brand integrity

Great experience. professional, organised and good at what they do. What else do you need to know!

Campaign Highlights

  • 33%conversion to sale opportunity
  • £40k+pipeline value
  • Campaign retained for more than double the initial term
  • Over 30 leads generated consistently across the duration of the campaign.
  • 5* Google review given by Nimble
  • Telemarketing activity proved so successful that Nimble decided to take on a full-time internal sales representative, whom the Beanstalk team trained
  • When the internal sales rep was moved to a different department, Beanstalk were retained to continue outbound lead generation
  • Campaign halted due to the marketing budget being shifted to R&D but door very much left open to pick up again in the next 18 months

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