Beanstalk help Ingram Micro expand their product suite

A significant expansion in project scope, multiple additional campaigns, and compelling ROI; Beanstalk successfully target MSPs and Resellers



Ingram Micro Inc. is the world’s largest global business-to-business wholesale provider of technology products and supply chain management services

I listened to one of Sabina’s calls – I have to say, it was the best cold call I’ve heard in 25 years in the industry!

 Partner Development Manager, IaaS – Ingram Micro

Campaign Objectives

  • Penetrate a new market – Global Mining businesses – for McLaren Applied’s Analytics-as-a-service solution
  • Build a database of companies with LHD fleets and identify Decision Makers
  • Generate leads with businesses looking to reduce fuel consumption within their Load-Haul-Dump fleets

Campaign Delivery

Beanstalk applied its extensive research capabilities to identify mining organisations across EMEA and fed this data back to McLaren Applied for approval.

A pre-campaign briefing process was undertaken between McLaren Applied’s Product & Marketing Managers, Beanstalk’s Account Manager and the Telemarketer that was assigned to the account.

This involved a demo of McLaren Applied’s technology, and a detailed discussion about prospects’ potential current situations and the benefits McLaren’s Analytics-as-a-service solution provides.

What became evident during this briefing was that McLaren Applied themselves were not entirely clear on how receptive the target market would be, or how they might currently be monitoring and analysing fleet fuel consumption.

It was agreed that in addition to weekly report, a bi-weekly call between Beanstalk and the stakeholders at McLaren Applied would benefit both parties, enabling agile learning.

The Results

  • 12Web Meetings Generated
  • 72Decision Maker Conversations
  • 107Companies Qualified

“Beanstalk have helped us understand the potential for our Analytics-as-a-service solution in a new market.

The prospects that we gave the product demos to were well-qualified and had a genuine interest in our solution.

We’d like to thank Adrian & Ed for their help on the campaign; they went above and beyond and surpassed our expectations on many levels.”

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