Engaging Hotels for For-Sight

Expanding upon For-Sight's internal email marketing, Beanstalk reached out to hotels, successfully generating qualified appointments for the For-Sight team


For-Sight is a technology platform designed specifically for hotels, to help them get more direct bookings and sell more to their existing guests.

It is designed to solve two challenges:

  1. A number of hotel guests purchase through a third party booking site, which costs the hotel commission.
  2. Encouraging guests to spend more money, come back (repeat business), and when they do come back, book directly.

For-Sight isn’t designed to replace any exiting systems the hotel might be using. Instead, it is designed to analyse data from all existing platforms and enable the hotel to market directly to the guest to increase their spend and encourage direct bookings.

Beanstalk have been a fantastic support for our outbound marketing since we engaged with them. From the first interaction to the ongoing feedback, pro-active improvement suggestions, and account management, I’ve been very impressed.

Campaign Background and Objectives

Formed in 2007 For-Sight started life as a marketing agency. However, has since developed into a SaaS business and are the creators of their CRM, email marketing and reporting platform for the hospitality industry. With Headquarters in Edinburgh, the For-Sight platform has been created to help users develop guest relationships, manage various data streams, automate marketing campaigns and measure their ROI.

Jamie McBride, Head of Marketing at For-Sight approached Beanstalk to help develop an effective and professional programme to target prospective customers and generate new sales opportunities.

Previous Strategy

Internally, leads were generated through email marketing, channel partners and the sales team of 2 conducting some calling. Whilst this generated leads, it was discussed that more were needed. The sales teams calling efforts also tended to be more on pipeline management and with no other outbound resource.

It was discussed that For-Sight will continue to complete email marketing through HubSpot and provide the data for the campaign with analytics.

Beanstalk's Strategy

  • Identify the establishments that would be most likely to engage in For-Sight’s proposition
  • Focus telemarketing activity on 4 & 5* hotels with a minimum of 20 rooms
  • Implement an email marketing program
  • Assign a Beanstalk telemarketer with a personable, friendly, and engaging nature, with the prime focus of booking qualified sales appointments
  • Use strong and regular communication between the telemarketer and client, to enable two-way knowledge transfer

Huge shout out to Marcus who has been working on our campaign. I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone else in this space who has really taken the time to understand who we are, and what we do, with genuine enthusiasm.

Campaign Timeline

  • Campaign Go Live October 2022
  • For-Sight data uploaded to Beanstalk CRM and filtered according to desired criteria
  • Regular communication with both Account Manager and Telemarketer to identify areas of potential growth
  • Significant success in the Jersey region so February 2023 this was added as a key area for Beanstalk to target
  • Significant success in Ireland so April 2023 this was added as a key area for Beanstalk to target

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