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IPSL are the UK’s leading supplier of hygienic wall, ceiling and floor covering solutions for use in hospitals, kitchens, shower areas and other high-hygiene areas.

We wanted to get in front of Senior Buyers in major Construction and Public Sector organisations.

Beanstalk understands our business and most importantly have continually generated us good quality leads.

Director, IPSL

Campaign Objectives

  • Enable IPSL’s sales team to spend more time meeting high-value prospects, rather than on self-generation of leads; giving them more time and more opportunities to sell
  • Develop a database of Senior Buyers in large Public Sector and Construction organisations
  • Grow line-top sales by 20% within a year

The Strategy

Beanstalk selected a telemarketer from its Industrial & Manufacturing team, who had significant experience in engaging with Senior Buyers in Construction and Public Sector organisations.

IPSL met with the telemarketer prior to calls starting and provided a detailed brief on its range of products and how to position IPSL with prospects. This briefing and the telemarketer’s existing knowledge of the market enabled Beanstalk to be effective from day one, without the ramp-up period often associated with training a new sales rep or telemarketer from scratch.

Whilst this training process was being undertaken, Beanstalk ran a Key Account Mapping on IPSL’s data, to identify the key decision makers – of which there could be multiple contacts in each account – together with their email and LinkedIn contact details.

Running this project in advance of the telemarketing enabled Beanstalk to send emails campaigns promoting IPSL’s solutions to a qualified list of contacts. The use of sophisticated email technology allowed Beanstalk to track which prospects open emails and visit IPSL’s website.

Beanstalk’s telemarketer prioritised their calls at the warmest prospects, helping generate leads with prospects that had an immediate need for IPSL’s products. And with the insight of a qualified database of contact names, calls where the telemarketer reached the decision maker were 75% higher than a standard telemarketing approach.

The Results

“The process we went through before making calls was really useful and gave us the confidence that Beanstalk really understood who we wanted to target and the message we wanted to deliver. It was helpful that the telemarketer already understood our market well, which gave us no end of confidence.

The communication between Beanstalk and our Sales Manager, Steve Todd works really well. We get regular reports on progress, backed up by phone calls, good diary management and appointment scheduling.

Beanstalk understands our business and most importantly have continually generated us good quality leads.

We would definitely recommend Beanstalk to anyone looking at telemarketing companies, and plan to continue using them ourselves on a long-term basis.”

Director, IPSL

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