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Harrow Green provide business relocation, storage and IT relocation services, international moving and recycling & reuse solutions, operating across the UK for more than 25 years.

Beanstalk has continued to meet our expected pipeline levels and we are developing some excellent business that originates from the sales leads they have generated for us.

Head of Business Development, Harrow Green

Campaign Objectives

  • Generate sales leads with companies that have a current requirement
  • Cleanse historical data lists by updating who the key contacts are and capturing their email details
  • Qualify each company’s potential spend on Harrow Green’s services and generate introductory sales appointments with companies that have potential spend above the threshold (high value prospect accounts)

The Strategy

Harrow Green’s potential customers are mainly senior Facilities contacts within mid-large professional, financial services and public sector organisations.

Operating in a competitive marketplace, Harrow Green has some Key Selling Points (KSPs), that enable it to differentiate itself and to sell on value, not price.

During the pre-campaign planning stage, Beanstalk recognised that the key to success would be the telemarketer’s ability to effectively convey Harrow Green’s KSPs and be able to move the conversation onto how Harrow Green add value.

To facilitate this, the telemarketers assigned to work on the Harrow Green account were selected from Beanstalk’s B2B & FM Services team. Having experience of the challenges that FMs face would enable the telemarketers to show empathy with prospects’ pain points and engage in a detailed conversation about how Harrow Green differ from other suppliers.

A training workshop was run in advance of the campaign starting. Additionally, a weekly review call was scheduled between Harrow Green and Beanstalk’s team, for both parties to provide feedback which enabled continual development.

This ensured lead quality was maintained at a consistently high standard and that the telemarketers stayed closely aligned to Harrow Green’s sales team, helping them to meet their revenue targets.

What Harrow Green Say About Beanstalk

“Beanstalk has continued to meet our expected pipeline levels and we are developing some excellent business that originates from the sales leads the have generated for us. The quality of prospects received from the lead generation so far has been better than expected and has been an extremely helpful boost for our sales team.

When we first used Beanstalk, we were also using a second telemarketing company for an identical campaign in a different region. The results, communication and overall quality of service was far superior from Beanstalk.

I would recommend Beanstalk as an outsourced telemarketing agency who can deliver results”

Head of Business Development, Harrow Green

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