22 Appointments Generated within 3 months from just 7 days a month’s Telemarketing

Integrating email marketing into the telemarketing campaign boosted results and generated qualified leads quickly from a standing start.

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The team at Beanstalk has provided us with a fantastic pipeline of opportunities and a robust process for generating leads over the long term.

Managing Director, GCP


GCP provides high quality cleaning, facilities management and maintenance solutions serving both public and commercial sectors in London and the South East, with a particular focus on the education sector.

Campaign Objectives

  • To generate sales appointments with businesses that have a requirement for 12+ hours per week of cleaning
  • Target businesses in areas that GCP already have customers in, to ensure GCP can maintain the efficiency of their operational delivery

The Strategy

GCP had used telemarketing on two previous occasions; once with a home-based telemarketer and once by employing a telemarketer themselves.

Both had generated some leads, but the results had been inconsistent, and GCP found they were spending lots of time trying to manage the telemarketer, which they neither had the time or the depth of expertise to do effectively.

Given GCP’s mixed previous experience with Telemarketing, Beanstalk recognised that generating results quickly would be important to build trust and demonstrate its capabilities to GCP.

To achieve this, Beanstalk implemented an integrated campaign that included both telemarketing and email marketing. A series of sales messages were written by Beanstalk’s copy writing team, and the email marketing was able to quickly and effectively deliver GCP’s message to a large audience of Facilities Managers, Bursars and Office Managers within their target.

This generated several inbound enquiries at an early stage of the campaign with prospects that were actively seeking a new cleaning company.

The telemarketing was also targeted at the prospects that had opened the email and gone on to visit GCPs website. Calling these warm prospects resulted in a 200% uplift in the first month’s telemarketing results, compared to stand-alone telemarketing.

The Results

  • 22Sales Appointments with 3 months
  • 4Inbound Enquiries Generated by Email Marketing

Running a small-scale initial pilot campaign of 7 days telemarketing per month for 3 months enabled GCP to gain confidence in Beanstalk’s processes and the calibre of their telemarketers. The campaign was extended for a further 6 months, with an increased level of resource.

“The team at Beanstalk has provided us with a fantastic pipeline of opportunities and a robust process for generating leads over the long term. We are so pleased with the results so far that we have increased the number of days telemarketing by 50%.”

Managing Director, GCP Facilities

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