Beanstalk’s Integrated Lead Generation Service Generates a £3milion Sales Pipeline for Business Travel Direct

Business Travel Direct


Business Travel Direct is a business travel solutions provider who offer transparent, award-winning services for business travel managers including: Consultancy, Management Information, Risk Management, Online Booking Tools and tailor-made packages for organisations of all sizes.

Beanstalk have become an extension of our sales and marketing team. Marketing automation coupled with a strong telemarketing campaign has generated some great leads and helped us convert those leads into sales.

Marketing Manager, Business Travel Direct

Campaign Objectives

Business Travel Direct were looking to generate a steady stream of qualified leads on an ongoing basis that their sales team could follow-up.

They wanted to find the right partner, that could differentiate their proposition in a competitive marketplace, generate leads for their sales team and help with their overall marketing strategy.

The Strategy

Beanstalk initially ran a telemarketing campaign for Business Travel Direct that focused on generating qualified sales leads with Buyers that were either currently reviewing their existing TMC relationship or considering using a TMC for the first time.

As the relationship developed, Beanstalk recommended that Business Travel Direct should put a lead nurturing process in place for prospects that were not at the right stage in the buying-cycle at the time the telemarketer spoke with them. This would help drive inbound enquiries and ensure that when the telemarketer re-engages with prospects in the future, they have become familiar with Business Travel Direct and are far more likely to want to progress to an introductory sales appointment.

Beanstalk extended the scope of its services to Business Travel Direct, and now provide a fully integrated marketing service encompassing far more than just telemarketing, but also marketing automation and content writing; this combination enables effective lead nurturing and inbound marketing across email and social media.

Beanstalk also undertook a complete re-design of the Business Travel Direct website, developing a modern, responsive website that hosts `SmartCentre`, Business Travel Direct’s resource hub.

Dedicated landing pages were also developed, that were focused on converting PPC visitors into inbound enquiries.

Additionally, within the marketing automation solution, anonymous website visitors are identified through reverse IP look-up technology, with these businesses fed back into the telemarketing prospect list as high priority calls.

The Results

  • £3mSales
  • 65Leads
  • 28%Increase in Web Conversions

As the campaign developed, Business Travel Direct really saw the benefits of using marketing automation to share and track relevant content across email and social media.

This lead nurturing and engagement tracking generated direct inbound enquiries whilst enabling the telemarketing to perform really well, with the telemarketer targeting their calls on the warmest prospects.

With a modern, responsive website and comprehensive Smart Centre, the conversion rate of visitors to Business Travel Direct’s website has increased by 28%, further increasing the ROI across all marketing channels.

“Beanstalk have become an extension of our sales and marketing team. Marketing automation coupled with a strong telemarketing campaign has generated some great leads and converted those leads into sales.

A lot of hard work has gone in from both sides to get to where we are today. Throughout this time, the Beanstalk team were always on hand to help us.

We’re now really reaping the benefits of having a fully integrated approach to lead generation.”

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