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Developing your B2B Marketing Strategy

The B2B landscape has changed in recent years. It's now more important than ever for B2B businesses to have a well thought through strategy for how they are going to generate leads and win new business.

Key Changes in B2B Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing, Today and Yesterday
Yesterday Today
Sales had the big budget Marketing have the big budget
Focus on advertising Focus on content
Spend more on outbound Spend more on inbound
Reach as many people as possible Personalisation to target specific prospects
Make a quick sale Build long-term relationships
Sales follow up all leads Sales only follow-up sales qualified leads
Marketing activity is hard to measure Measure ROI on everything

At Beanstalk we are experts in B2B marketing. We've seen some rapid changes happening in the market over the past few years. Businesses are now finding it more difficult not only to generate leads but also to convert them.

We work in close partnership with B2B businesses to develop their marketing strategy to be successful in the modern B2B world. With new digital technology and more time being spent online by your buyers than ever before, our approach as marketers has to change. We are finding that businesses are moving their budgets from Sales to Marketing as a result of how people are purchasing B2B products and services.

If you haven't considered changing your approach, get in touch now to find out why you should, and how we can help.

Our Clients Include

Iron Mountain
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