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Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation is a process for maximising the return on your sales and marketing investments. It is highly effective at nurturing leads and prospects until they become ready to engage with sales; particularly in B2B markets where buyers are cautious and sales cycles can extend over many months or even years. The benefits of well-planned, well-managed marketing automation include:

25% of corporate B2B companies are now using marketing automation to increase lead quantity and quality. The SME market is starting to catch up, with 10% using marketing automation effectively.

Beanstalk are experts in implementing and managing successful marketing automation programmes that deliver ROI for our clients.

This experience includes working both with businesses that have already implemented marketing automation but are not seeing the results they expected or are considering marketing automation and evaluating their options.

Software is the enabler and not the entire solution

There are a plethora of marketing automation software solutions ostensibly offering similar functionality at varying levels of cost. However, implementing a successful marketing automation program involves far more than selecting and rolling out the right software.

Developing, analysing and refining the process to deliver good quality content for effective lead nurturing takes talent across a range of different sales and marketing disciplines; copywriting, creative design, data analysis & digital marketing. Understanding different buyers and what messaging evokes emotion at different stages of the buying cycle is key to successful marketing campaigns.

3 in 5 companies say that the implementation of marketing automation was complex and difficult.

Beanstalk's services include providing some or all of the elements (depending on our clients in-house capabilities) that contribute towards effective marketing automation.

At Beanstalk we have the expertise to get the very best of your marketing automation programme; reducing your risk, increasing the speed of deployment and ultimately increasing your return on investment.

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