Generating Leads for Complex Solutions

One of the questions we often hear when a business is considering outsourcing their lead generation to us is “will your team be able to understand my business”?

It’s a natural enough question, given that successful B2B salespeople are able to differentiate their proposition from their competitors or an existing solution.

So, it follows that being able to create differentiation or identity prospects’ pain points is just as important in lead generation.

This applies universally to everything from Office Cleaning through to Pharmacovigilance solutions.

Clearly some solutions such as technology do have more complexity and nuance than others. So, the question is how much detail do you need to go into with a prospect at the lead generation stage?

Too little information and you may struggle with credibility, too much and the discussion becomes a technical evaluation.

There is however, another vital consideration that is often overlooked by sellers of technical or complex solutions; the prospect themselves may only have limited knowledge of the subject.

And even for those that are subject matter experts, they have limited time and bandwidth, so want to quickly evaluate whether to further investigate the seller’s solution.


Remember – the Objective is to Generate Leads

Our experience is that whilst a base level of knowledge is essential when prospecting, that the most successful lead generation campaigns for complex solutions avoid an in-depth technical conversation.

The purpose of prospecting isn’t to spread knowledge or to educate the prospect – these can be more effectively achieved through other marketing channels.

Good lead generation should:

  • Identify and engage with a sufficiently senior Decision Maker
  • Qualify that their business is a fit for the solution being offered
  • Enthuse the prospect that the solution being offered has a number of benefits
  • Gain their commitment to spend some time discussing their business requirement and the proposed solution with a knowledgeable Salesperson – be that by video meeting or face-to-face

In short, the purpose of sales prospecting – by phone, email or LinkedIn – is to gain the commitment of qualified Buyers to spend time with the Supplier’s Salesperson to further evaluate the solution.


Respect The Prospect’s Time

We’ve all had calls, emails and face-to-face conversations that simply go on for too long. The result is usually that even if there is a benefit to be had, by the time it surfaces, you’ve switched off and miss it – or you feel you can’t endure any further pain, so ignore it!

What good telemarketers and sales copywriters are able to do is the get the key benefits of a solution across in a succinct manner. They can then present the next logical step as a meeting with a Salesperson, who will be able to provide more detailed information at a time the prospect is receptive to listen.


If you have a complex solution to market, or indeed a more straightforward one, Beanstalk could help engage your prospects and expand your sales pipeline. Please get in touch on or 0345 474 2047 for a discussion about our experience and capabilities.

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