Is the Value of Telemarketing More than Just Lead Generation?

The primary reason that many B2B businesses initially embark on a telemarketing programme is to generate sales leads. So, it stands to reason that measuring the quantity and quality of leads is going to be an important indication of success.

However, only measuring success based upon the initial leads that are generated, overlooks some of the long-term value of telemarketing.


A Database of Decision Makers

What value would you place on a database with the name and contact details of the key Buyers and Decision Makers in your target market?

Of course, this data can’t be bought as a list. It can only be built! And telemarketing is the ideal channel to build this data asset.


Account Profiling: Identifying your Best Potential Customers

All too often, low response and inbound enquiry rates are because many of the businesses that you are marketing to aren’t a good fit.

One of the benefits from good telemarketing is in qualifying businesses out from future sales and marketing activity, as much as it is qualifying prospects in. For example, common reasons that a prospect company might be qualified out include:

  • A low requirement for your product/service
  • The prospect company is buying your services for a customer of theirs, another company within their group, or even a family member
  • Having a Head Office in another location, and therefore not having local decision-making autonomy

By removing businesses that are a poor fit, your budget, time and resources can be channelled where it will give the greatest ROI; targeting businesses that you have qualified as a good fit through account profiling.


Market Intelligence

Buying cycles in B2B are often lengthy. The result is that many of the interactions with prospects will result in a negative; or at least a `not now`.

However, most of these prospects will be open to a discussion about their current situation, and if asked in the right way, will discuss what their barriers are and what needs to change.

Capturing this intelligence, understanding trends, competitors that are prevalent, and the factors that are important to your prospects is invaluable in driving corporate decision making.


How Outsourcing Telemarketing Ensures you Get More than Just Lead Generation

An effective full-time telemarketer needs a target market of between 4,000 and 6,000 companies to avoid calling the same businesses too often.

As most B2B businesses have a limited market, there are few SMEs that actually need a team of telemarketers, or even one full-time telemarketer.

This provides a challenge of managing a part-time telemarketer in-house… How do you justify investing in the dedicated telemarketing technology, control the quality control of data capture, manage and supervise the activity, all for a part-time telemarketer, when it’s not your core business?

For the majority of SMEs, outsourcing to a dedicated telemarketing agency who can provide a highly skilled telemarketer but that doesn’t work full-time on their account, is an attractive option. By outsourcing to experts, like Beanstalk, you are not just outsourcing the recruitment and salary costs, you’re gaining professional management of the entire process, from lead generation to data capture, where the telemarketer is continually coached and motivated in a productive team environment, and uses best of breed technology.

For more information on how Beanstalk can help you with outsourcing your telemarketing, why not give us a call? We’re happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.