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With changes in how B2B Buyers find, evaluate and engage with potential new supplier, effective lead nurturing has never been more important.

Marketing automation can be an effective technology that sits at the hub of your marketing communications, CRM and lead generation activity.

At Beanstalk we have the expertise to get the very best out of your marketing automation programme; reducing your risk, increasing the speed of deployment and ultimately increasing your return on investment.

This includes developing a marketing automation strategy, selecting the right software, implementation and options for supported self-management or a fully managed service for ongoing campaign administration, analysis and development.

Automation Strategy

Our highly experienced marketing automation experts can help you develop a strategy that includes data, content, CRM integration, lead scoring and workflow planning to ensure you get the best outcome that marketing automation can deliver.


By combining our B2B marketing expertise with structured project planning, we help reduce the time taken to make your marketing automation investment start to generate results, whilst reducing the risk of failure or delay.

Independent Expertise

As a partner and reseller of several marketing automation platforms, we can help you select the right technology for your business.

Support Options

We provide flexible, professional expertise; from advising on software selection, the technical set-up, implementation with your CRM, and helping your team to effectively manage marketing automation, through to providing a fully-managed service by team of experts.

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