B2B Content Marketing

Nurturing prospects with content builds brand awareness,
generates inbound leads and improves lead quality

Copy Writing, Design & Content Marketing
Nurture Prospects. Generate Inbound Leads

B2B buyers often conduct their own self-research and validation before agreeing to meet with Salespeople.

Content marketing – creating and sharing high quality articles, case studies guides and white papers – helps build brand awareness and credibility. However, content marketing also needs to generate leads and ROI.

To drive value from content marketing, the content needs to reach the right audience. And prospects that engage with the content need to be converted into leads.

Beanstalk provide a fully integrated content and lead generation service..

Integrated Content Marketing and Lead Generation


We develop a content strategy that includes planning and creating engaging content, an effective distribution strategy, integrated with email, telemarketing or marketing automation to convert prospects into sale-qualified leads.

Marketing Copy
Writing and

We have an experienced team of specialist B2B copy writers and designs, who can create compelling articles, thought-leadership pieces, how-to-guides and infographics.

Nurtured Leads Convert into Profitable Customers

With 70% of successful sellers already known to the Buyer before the sales process begins, content marketing can build brand and credibility.

Content Lead Nurturing Boosts Lead Gen ROI

By integrating content marketing into email and telemarketing lead generation, campaigns are most effective, producing an average of 54% greater ROI.

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