Integrated B2B Lead Generation

Combining email marketing, content and digital
marketing with telemarketing increases lead
generation ROI by 54%

Integrating Lead Nurturing and Lead Generation Delivers Greater Results

Often B2B prospecting and buying cycles extend over many months.

Using a combination of targeted content marketing, digital and email marketing to support the telemarketing, we raise awareness of your brand. The result is warmer prospects, making the telemarketing more effective in reaching prospects and in converting more conversations into qualified leads.

And by nurturing prospects that are not immediately sales ready – because they are at the wrong stage of the buying cycle – with content and digital marketing, inbound leads are generated when the prospect is ready to talk.

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Integrated Content Marketing and Lead Generation

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Boost your brand awareness and generate quick wins and sales ready inbound leads through targeted email marketing campaigns that drive engagement.

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Engage prospects through planned creation of valuable content and targeted distribution, with professionally written articles, how-to guides, white papers and infographics.

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As agency partners to several marketing automation software vendors, we provide expertise and support to drive the success of your inbound marketing and marketing automation.

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& Digital

We design marketing assets such as websites, case studies and brochures, and deliver digital marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness and generate inbound leads.

Guides and Videos

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