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Fully Integrated B2B Telemarketing Campaigns

Human interaction still lies at the heart of successful business development with B2B prospects. The unique characteristic of telemarketing is the ability to have a real conversation and build relationships with prospects. Including telemarketing in an integrated marketing campaign can bring excellent results.

Beanstalk's integrated B2B telemarketing campaigns generate direct inbound Leads for you in addition to the marketing qualified and sales qualified leads generated from the core telemarketing activity.

Integrated marketing campaigns provide an average increase in ROI of 54% vs. single channel marketing.

Often B2B prospecting and buying cycles extend over many months. Using a combination of content marketing, digital and email to support the telemarketing we raise awareness of your brand and nurture prospects that have a qualified requirement for your service but are not at the right stage of the purchasing cycle at our initial point of engagement with them.

The result is warmer prospects where your credibility has already been established with them when we engage with them. And unlike traditional telemarketing where sales qualified Leads are only generated by the voice on the phone, Beanstalk's integrated approach of nurturing all Marketing Qualified Leads generates direct inbound enquiries into your business where the prospect proactively asks to engage with you, not the other way round.

Our Clients Include

Iron Mountain
PageUp People
Cranberry Communications
Harrow Green
Sky Blue
Way Forward Technologies
SCL Group
Reeves Lund

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