Building a B2B Lead Generation Machine

Wednesday 12th July, 9.00am

The Double Tree Hilton, Woking

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About this event

Many B2B businesses have seen significant changes in their markets; from increased competition to changes in the way that Buyers identify and engage with potential new Suppliers. The impact of these changes are that for many businesses their traditional routes to market and lead generation mechanisms are less effective than in years gone by.

Typical challenges you may face

  • Stagnant growth
  • Underperforming sales and/or marketing functions
  • Changes to your market
  • Using sales, marketing or lead generation agencies unsuccessfully

What you’ll learn

Changes in How B2B Businesses Buy

  • How to adapt marketing and lead generation techniques to modern times
  • Ways to convert more leads into customers

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

  • The key differences between inbound and outbound
  • Which one is right for your business?

How to Build a B2B Lead Generation Machine

  • How to develop the right strategies
  • The marketing assets you need for lead generation to be a success
  • What skills, expertise and resources are needed…

Who should attend?

This event is specifically designed for Business Owners and Sales & Marketing professionals within SMEs who are ambitious about developing their business, are interested in understanding how to develop their growth strategy and how to support this with sound investment in Sales and Marketing.

A well thought-out lead generation strategy will contribute significantly to profitability and growth. However, with Buyers within B2B businesses becoming ever more sophisticated and knowledgeable, and changing technology and marketing channels, it’s easy to make expensive mistakes.

About Beanstalk Marketing

Beanstalk Marketing is a successful B2B marketing agency delivering this marketing seminar to help provide insight into how B2B businesses can effectively adapt their Sales and Marketing approach to generate more leads and improve lead quality.