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Is the value of Telemarketing more than just Lead Generation?

The primary reason that many B2B businesses initially embark on a telemarketing programme is to generate sales leads.

An effective full-time telemarketer needs a target market of between 4,000 and 6,000 companies to avoid calling the same businesses too often. Because most B2B businesses have a limited market, there are few SMEs that actually need a team of telemarketers – or even one full-time telemarketer.

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Why B2B salespeople need to be more skilful than B2C salespeople

You may think the above statement is a bold one. Perhaps it is a little stereotypical and judgemental, but bear with us, we have our justifications.

In B2C, generally the buying decision is fairly simple and often it’s a low value purchase with little risk or consequence if the wrong decision is made. Usually in B2C Sales, the salesperson knows more than the purchaser, and has only a handful of frequently asked questions that they need to learn how to answer effectively.

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Are New Lead Generation Techniques Better than Traditional Ones?

We all know that B2B marketing has changed a lot in recent years. This change is clearly a threat to many businesses but it also presents a great opportunity for businesses that are able to adapt.

For example, buyers spend more time researching potential solutions on the internet and as a result B2B businesses are creating more content to respond to the demand for information. This isn’t new news for most businesses.

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Should B2B SMEs hire an Internal Marketing Manager or Outsource?

Especially in the competitive B2B environment, you can’t just sit back and wait for the enquiries to come in. Buyers have changed and marketing plays a key role in ensuring that you are visible to them and seen as a credible supplier.

Marketing your business takes time, money and resource though so how do you get the best value from the investments. Should you hire a marketing manager or source external help?

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Brains not tech is the secret to Marketing ROI

Many businesses have recognised that embracing modern marketing technology can help to drive business growth. Sophisticated marketing technology can help us understand a buyer’s journey and their engagement, target them precisely and automate personal messaging to them.

But it is not as simple as logging into the software and pressing go! The potential, but equally the limitations, of each piece of technology need to be clearly understood so that an overall strategy can be used that gets the best from integrating each marketing channel and technique.

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Why the Human Touch Still Counts

Our shopping habits have changed in recent years. A few years ago for most consumers, convenience was the key driver. Large supermarkets that have everything we need and there has been an increase in online shopping meaning that we don’t even need to leave the house to purchase goods and services.

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