Fantastic Feedback Gained from This Year’s Events So Far

Over 200 people have attended our How to Build a B2B Lead Generation Machine events, having held seminars in Chelmsford, Northampton and Woking.

We’re thrilled with the impressive turn-out, particularly having gained such informative feedback from our attendees.

Stuart Mansfield, Marketing Manager at Beanstalk, said “92% of our attendees said they would attend another event, which is a great reaction and an inspiration to all the team here at Beanstalk. It makes us want to keep doing what we do, knowing that so many of our attendees were engrossed enough to want to attend future events”.


What Was Talked About?

Our most recent event held in Woking saw a great number of established companies eager to learn new business tactics. The seminar included discussions on; changes in how B2B businesses buy, inbound vs. outbound marketing and how to build a B2B lead generation machine.


Why Did People Attend?

The main focus of our ‘How to Build a B2B Lead Generation Machine’ events is to help businesses generate high quality leads and in-turn help to improve their marketing campaign, giving them a new perspective of their business.

74% of our Woking event attendees said there were practical steps that they will take away and apply to their own lead generation, while 41% of attendees said that their current capability and approach was outdated.

The events have proved an ideal event for SMEs, helping them to overcome lead challenges and learn new practises to improve their lead generation and lead nurturing techniques.


Future Events Planned…

Watch this space as we’re about to schedule in our next events for the coming months, plus you’ll be the first to hear about them in our upcoming newsletters! Stay tuned for the announcements…