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Beanstalk Email Policy

This email marketing policy contains terms that are applicable to Beanstalk and its subsidiaries. Beanstalk uses multiple in-house and third-party solutions to deliver permission-based personalised communications to their prospects and customers. The policy set out herein expressly forbids any attempt to deliver unsolicited bulk email. The term " unsolicited bulk email " as used in this email marketing policy does not include administrative email such as shipping notifications, employee notices, notices required by regulation or law, invoices, account statements, order confirmations, and other transactional and relationship email, as defined by CAN-SPAM.

How do we avoid spam?

Beanstalk are bound by all applicable laws and regulations related to email marketing activities. Beanstalk will thoroughly investigate any complaint regarding unsolicited bulk mail (herein referred to as "Spam") sent by, or on behalf of, the company.

In addition, Beanstalk takes all reasonable precautions to avoid "spoofing" - that is, the sending of mail purporting to originate from Beanstalk, but sent by unauthorised third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, full compliance with DMARC, SPF and DKIM specifications.

I don't want to receive any email from Beanstalk

As part of both our email policy, and our compliance with applicable laws, all bulk marketing correspondence sent by Beanstalk includes a fully functional unsubscribe link. Beanstalk take all reasonable efforts to remove your details as quickly as possible following an unsubscribe request, but please allow 7 days for removal.

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