Does Home-Based Telemarketing Work?

After businesses initially came out of lockdown, many people – particularly those in office-based roles – spent the majority of their time working from home.

This had a significant impact on B2B Salespeople, as they were not able to attend sales appointments in the way they had since time immemorial.

There is a strong argument that the shift to initial sales meetings often being video meetings has been positive for both the Buyer and the Seller; there is less qualification needed from the Buyer because they know the Salesperson isn’t spending hours travelling to see them, and from the Seller’s perspective, they can cover more sales appointments, because they spend less time travelling.

Another trend was the rise of home-based telemarketing and lead generation roles. This though, is an area where the benefits are less clear.

Whilst professional telemarketing environments are a far cry from the noisy boiler rooms depicted in films, there is no doubt that motivation is a key factor. If a telemarketer has a successful day and books several qualified sales appointments, that still means they are likely to have made 80+ calls that day where they didn’t reach the prospect or got a “no thanks”. So, it takes a strength of character to be as enthusiastic on their 100th call of the day as they were on their 1st. Telemarketing can be a lonely job, so you wouldn’t choose to do it working in isolation.

2021 was an incredible year for Beanstalk where we had to expand our team. Did we try hiring home-based telemarketers? Of course we did.

Yet despite a vigorous screening and testing process, where the candidates have had years of B2B telemarketing experience, we’ve found we simply can’t create the same results with home-based telemarketers.

A big part of this is probably down to culture. And it’s a challenge that businesses across the spectrum have faced.

Having long-standing staff work remotely some of the time can be really positive for both the employer and the employee. But to engender new-hires – no matter how experienced – into the culture of the business, is much, much more difficult.

There will be some businesses that have successfully found a home-based telemarketer that is producing good results. But from our own experience and the sales enquiries we receive, B2B telemarketing is best when it’s office based, in a supportive and motivating environment.

If you’re looking for professional, results-driven Telemarketing, Beanstalk can help engage your prospects and build your sales pipeline.

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