Beanstalk’s Dan Is Running The London Marathon!

Dan Buckley, our Database and Applications Manager and all round tech guy, is running the London Marathon!

On the 26th of April, he’ll be braving the 26.2 mile course on behalf of the Anderson Charitable Foundation to raise money to help them continue to change the lives of people with Autism.

Autism is a complex condition which 1 in every 100 people have, and it most notably impacts their ability to communicate. The common misconception is that people with Autism cannot communicate – this is not true! People with Autism can communicate very well, they just do it differently, and with careful and patient teaching and therapy, Autistic people’s lives can be transformed.

In 2017, Anderson opened a specialist school for children with Autism, The Anderson School in Chigwell. They spent 5 years putting everything in place, which included raising an incredible £20m to fund the construction. After almost three years in operation, it has literally changed people’s lives!

Beanstalk’s Managing Director Phil has kindly agreed to match any donations that Dan receives, meaning anything pledged will be doubled!

If you want to support Dan and the Anderson Charitable Foundation, please follow the link below to donate: