Celebrating Our 5th Birthday!


This week, Beanstalk celebrated an important milestone. It is five years since the company started working with their first customer on a lead generation and telemarketing campaign.

Gavin and Phil celebrating Beanstalk’s 5th birthday Since starting life in 2009 Beanstalk has enjoyed over 40% year on year growth, which we have achieved by helping our customers find and win new business.

“The success we have had over the years is down to the drive and passion of our people and we have them to thank for where we are now.”

Gavin Burt, Co-Founder, Beanstalk


“We have ambitious plans for the future and are very much looking forward to the challenge of continuing the successful growth that Beanstalk has seen over the past 5 years.”

Phil Swanson, Co-Founder, Beanstalk