Beanstalk Becomes Re-Seller of Lead Liaison

Here at Beanstalk, we’re pleased to announce that we are now the UK partner for Lead Liaison marketing automation technology.

As experts in behavioural-based Lead Nurturing and Inbound Marketing, we felt it simply makes sense to team up with a professional provider such as Lead Liaison.

We now work with Lead Liaison to help drive integrated campaigns for our customers. Together we’re able to provide sales and marketing intelligence to give our clients that added advantage.

Over the years, buying and selling has changed. Marketing automation can help B2B businesses to get ahead of their competitors by nurturing prospects and driving inbound leads.

Marketing Automation – How Can It Help You?

Lead Liaison provide software that accelerates sales and integrates with practically everything. It’s easy to use, cloud-based sales and marketing automation software, helping you to:

  • Build better relationships with prospects, customers and partners
  • Be more efficient with sales and marketing operations
  • Grow revenue faster

As a re-seller, we feel it’s important to be in-tune with the objectives of our partners, and with Lead Liaison, this couldn’t be truer!” – Phil Swanson, Managing Director

At Beanstalk, we help ensure a smooth implementation and make sure you get the most from marketing automation, whether you’re familiar with marketing automation or a newcomer.

Find out more about Lead Liaison’s Marketing Automation here.