Account Profiling &
Contact List Building

We build comprehensive, decision-maker
contact-detail lists and account profiling intelligence

Quality, UK based, Marketing Database Building & Enhancement

Managing and maintaining your customer and prospect data will maximise the effectiveness of your marketing activity.

Our specialist data enhancement team combine desk based and telephone research, to validate and enhance legacy marketing data and bought lists.

Beanstalk’s expertise includes building intelligence on key decision makers, capturing email addresses, account profiling and developing marketing qualified leads.

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Integrated Phone & Desk
Based Research

By combining telephone, LinkedIn and desk based research, we build the most comprehensive database to support your marketing activities.

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Decision Maker Email &
LinkedIn Contact Details

By building a picture of all decision makers and influencers, including their LinkedIn contact details, we enable highly targeted email, telemarketing and digital marketing.

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Personas and Marketing
Qualified Leads

Data will be developed from unqualified or cold, through establishing business requirements and identifying all relevant personas to generating marketing qualified leads.

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Our specialist team can bring data to life, with detailed account profiling such as potential spend, competitor information and business challenges and objectives.

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UK Based

We always represent your business professionally. Calls are only ever made by our fully employed staff, working from our office, under supervision and from our systems.

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Marketing ROI

For marketing communications to be effective they need to reach the right people. Investing in data quality will increase marketing ROI.

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