B2B Sales
Appointment Generation

We generate qualified sales appointments with key
decision makers through integrated telemarketing and
marketing campaigns

B2B Sales Appointment Setting

Face-to-face sales meetings are increasingly difficult to secure, and for B2B businesses their value has never been higher.

Well-planned, well-executed professional telemarketing that is integrated with brand awareness and lead nurturing activity is one of the most effective ways to generate qualified, face-to-face sales meeting.

At Beanstalk, our mature, intelligent telemarketers qualify your prospects and engage in two-way dialogue to uncover their business needs, personal wins and the timing of their requirements. Most importantly, we are experts at building relationships with your prospects, which is a vital skill in B2B sales environments.

We Generate Sales Appointments That Convert to Customers

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Consultative Based Approach

Our experienced B2B telemarketers engage in non-scripted conversations. This enables us to identify the key decision makers, uncover personal motivations and qualify the business need and timing. By building meaningful relationships, we ensure the appointments we generate are genuinely interested in meeting with you.

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Conversation Rate

As a result of the calibre of our telemarketers and the awareness of your brand created from integrated lead nurturing, our customers on average close 25% of the sales appointments we generate.

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Mature, Intelligent Telemarketing

Our professional telemarketers work in a non-scripted environment. They engage in detailed dialogue about the prospect’s situation, objectives or pain points, and the benefits that your service or solution will deliver. We are persuasive but never pushy.

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Results Boosted by Integrated Marketing

We achieve an average of 54% greater ROI by integrating email marketing, content and remarketing. This lead nurturing raises brand awareness, enabling our telemarketers to have warmer conversations, and focus on the prospects that are the most engaged and therefore more receptive to our calls.


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