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High Quality B2B Sales Appointment Generation

To get the most from your field-based sales force you need to feed them with regular, well-qualified sales appointments. But your best prospects are busier than ever, so they will need a compelling reason to invest their valuable time meeting with potential new suppliers.

Our customers convert on average 30% of our sales appointments into new business.

Well-planned, well-executed professional telemarketing is, more than ever, one of the most effective ways to identify and engage with the correct individual within your ideal target accounts.

Our mature, intelligent telemarketers qualify your prospect and engage in meaningful conversation to uncover their business needs, personal wins and the timing of their requirements. Most importantly we are experts at building relationships with your prospects.

So why does it matter to you how we generate the appointments? Because our job is to create sales for your business, not simply leads. This is where we differ from many telemarketing and lead generation agencies, because of our experience in managing the entire B2B sales cycle we focus on generating genuine sales qualified leads.

We achieve this by representing your business professionally and passionately at every single interaction with your customer, so when you attend the appointment the prospect is well-informed about your solution and already has a positive perception of your business.

The skill, talent and sheer brilliance of our telemarketers is coupled with tried and tested processes that deliver results:

Our Clients Include

Iron Mountain
PageUp People
Cranberry Communications
Harrow Green
Sky Blue
Way Forward Technologies
SCL Group
Reeves Lund

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Investors in People
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