Expand your 2021 Sales Pipeline with Beanstalk

Like many other businesses, 2020 has thrown more than a few challenges our way; moving an entire telemarketing and Lead Gen operation to a remote working model (and back again!), riding out the uncertainties and false starts, and reassuring our clients that their marketing spend is still being put to good, and indeed, vital use!

But we’d much rather focus on the positives – of which there have been just as many. In 2020, Beanstalk took on additional office space, doubling our footprint and allowing us to expand the size of our team – fuelled by an increase in demand for what we do. The national lockdown allowed us the opportunity to re-assess some of our systems, reporting and infrastructure, and make improvements that will directly benefit our customers.

But most importantly, we’ve been able to help our customers, old and new, to not only weather everything the year has thrown at them, but to come out of it in a stronger position. By ensuring a continued pipeline of quality sales leads, we have helped to ensure our long-standing customers are thriving. And, by rapidly adjusting to the circumstances, we’ve helped those businesses that have found opportunities during the pandemic to break into new markets, product lines and services. We’re proud to have maintained our 90+% retention rate throughout the year.

Strong sales leads have always been elusive, but Beanstalk have proven we have the people and the know-how to continue to generate great opportunities, even through difficult times.

Now that we start to look ahead to 2021, with ever-increasing optimism, we strongly believe that the lessons of 2020 will serve only to strengthen and improve our Lead Generation capabilities.

If you’re looking to capitalise on the opportunities that 2021 offers, increase your sales pipeline, and drive growth, we would love to have a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you to achieve this!